I'm a fool for cool magazines.  But I'm the biggest snob too.  For years I was religiously reading my TheFace (R.I.P.), i-D (ground zero of so many trends still), exuberantly spreading my love of the first issues of Purple (...not anymore though) amazed by the online fantawebness of Tiger (R.I.P.) or the picture perfect but short-lived DUTCH (R.I.P.).  Today, have a look at Interview (the two years old Fabien Baron version) I stand by my seasonal issue of ACNE Paper (still my favourite), studying the why this mag is so special and what makes its photography so right on.  All my friends know that I've been contemplating the idea of editing that "other" magazine one day, the new one, the different one, the inspiring one.  But how do you create a true original one, which a chance to live on, out of Montreal ?  Alright, Vice did it, I know...
Until this day, I've never seen one that felt like it had captured the true inspiring spirit of the moment.  Not a single one... until today!  So Bravo to the editor of SNAP! and the talents inside.  If you can't find it, browse it online here.


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